Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems CMS

Shadow Software and Consulting Inc. uses its own proprietary Content Management System CMS.

This system has huge benefits over the more traditional static website where alterations to content would require at some knowledge of code.

As a Vancouver or worldwide customer of Shadow Software and Consulting Inc. you will have access to a secure Content Management System that allows you to easily make amendments and updates to the content of your website. This includes the ability to manage all linkages to critical social media applications for your business such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Shadow Software and Consulting Inc. Content Management System CMS utilizes a "what you see is what you get" WYSIWYG editor so that future page additions or changes do not require specialist input.

Did You Know?

Many website design companies simply place use free templates on free open source software and charge you for building the site! For your own peace of mind, ask potential suppliers to disclose which software they use. When you find the software's name check security issues and public opinion by searching in Google for the name of the open source software followed by the word "hacked" or "review". for example "WordPress Hacked" or "Drupal Hacked").

Content Management Systems Content Management Systems

Proprietary or Open Source Software?

Our proprietary Content Management System CMS has been built in-house and is licensed to our customers. It has been produced to encompass key features and functionality which will ensure our customers websites are SEO.

In contrast, open source software is normally built and developed by a collaboration of amateur web developers with unspecific objectives. The nature of open source software means that it can be adapted and modified by anyone with the necessary skills, which can deliver somewhat confused and conflicted code that often contains errors.

Content Management Systems

Whilst the Shadow Software and Consulting Inc. Content Management System CMS is built to correctly structure websites, open source software can be extremely damaging to Search Engine Optimisation SEO.

Websites are often penalised by search engines such as Google for incorrect output. This factor becomes important as Search Engines make subtle changes and updates to their algorithms.

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Content Management Systems
Website Design

Whether you require a complete website overhaul or you just wish to move your current website to our in house Content Management System. Shadow Software and Consulting Inc. will deliver a website which can easily be expanded and maintained.

  Content Management Systems
Search Results

Search Engine Optimization SEO is a prerequisite of our websites. Why have a website if it can't be found? Shadow Software and Consulting Inc's. In-house Content Management System is utilized to ensure Search Engines find your companys website.

  Content Management Systems
Website Audits

W3C/WAI-AAA standards compliancy checks and competitive analysis reviews. Shadow Software and Consulting Inc. will provide you with an independent comprehensive report which will include instruction on any corrective action required.

  Content Management Systems

Shadow Software and Consulting Inc's. software developers are proficient in an array of programming languages, concepts and technologies. We are prepared to quote on any level be it a simple routine to large scale Software Applications.

Shadow Software and Consulting Inc. offices are based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Content Management Systems
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